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Enjoy a more interactive and personal travel experience with our local street food and Hoi An expert - Phuoc (AKA Mr Happy). Born and bred in the beautiful farming community of Tra Que Village on the outskirts of Hoi An. Phuoc's Hoi An tours revolve around his passion for good, local food - from farm to table, with maybe a little cycling between.

Eat Hoi An is Phouc's latest venture for his one-man tour company: Coconut Tours Hoi An. Offering cycling tours with a foodie edge, cooking classes run from the kitchen of his riverside thatched cottage. And now Eat Hoi An - a street food adventure visiting the best of Hoi An's street food carts and introducing you to his old family friends, the faces behind the flavours.

Eat Hoi An aims to take you away from the ordinary and put you in the middle of the extraordinary.




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Cooking Class.


Every day at 9AM. Colourful markets, verdant vegetable farms to a riverside country farmhouse kitchen: Our cooking classes are all focused on small group, healthy and organic home cooking in a fun, family environment.
Each class includes a guided tour around the local market gathering the ingredients for your class, whilst giving you free range to explore, try and learn about some of the unusual wares on offer at a typical Hoi An farmers market. Heading into Tra Que Herb & Vegetable Village, we take a stroll through the family vegetable plot and have a go at old fashioned, organic cultivating alongside some of Hoi An's best, before heading back to Grandma's farmhouse kitchen for refreshments and the cooking class.


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Street Food.



Every day at 3PM, Hoi An's streets fill with a myriad of street food carts, stalls and vendors. The Eat Hoi An Street Food Crawl is an introduction for visitors to enjoy a few of the Hoi An specialities cooked up by old family friends, to introduce you to the faces behind the stock pots and to teach you how the Hoi An locals deal with those condiment trays!

Each tour takes you on a journey through the old town and outskirts, weaving in and out the tiny alleyways you'll get to chow down with the locals at stalls you'd never discover on your own.

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'Phuoc leads the way on memorable and fun-filled adventures through Hoi An's parts unknown. Taking in countryside, river and craft villages, with the occasional buffalo ride thrown in (buffalo willing). Meet Phuoc's friends, try your hand at traditional farming, cooking and craft techniques and enjoy Hoi An at it's most scenic at sunrise or sunset on a gentle ride through village and farm


Your guide


Phuoc comes from proper Hoi An farming stock - Four generations of them! Growing up in Tra Que vegetable village on the outskirts of Hoi An, he was introduced to the importance of healthy, organic living at an early age and like all good kids helped out with the family business, toiling the earth, accompanying his parents on deliveries to the markets and food vendors based in the Old Town and sat at grandma's kitchen table, learning all there was to know about traditional cooking.





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